new mission+rockhopper return

here is the mission guide

Step 1. Click on “G” to make him talk. Click on any answer.

Step 2. Now go to the Dock.

Step 3. Now talk to Herbert the Polar Bear. Klutzy will cut the map. Now take the lanturn.

Step 4. The wind will blow the two pieces of the map toward the Town and Plaza. Follow the second piece that goes to the Plaza.

Step 5. Now go buy a Pizza and give it to the penguin holding the newspaper and the map piece.

Step 6. Now go to the Coffee Shop and clean up the cookies. Now get a cookie.

Step 7. Now go to HQ and get a brown hat off the hat rack.

Step 8. Now go outside the Coffee Shop and give the cookie and the hat to the green Puffle. Now click the other piece of the map. Now put the two pieces of the map together.

Step 9. Go to the Dock go into the tunnel, following what your map says. You will be under the Gift Shop.

Step 10. Get out the wrench from your Spy Phone and put it in the pipe above the door (but this door might not need to be opened).

Step 11. Now go to the Lighthouse. Get a balloon and a Cream Soda barrel. Go outside and get the net.

Step 12. Now go back to the gadget room and get a hammer.

Step 13. Now go to the Sport Shop and get the box of nails next to the tent.

Step 14. Go back to the Gadget room and talk to G. Ask him if you can use the Air Tank. Now put the balloon on the air tank to blow it up.

Step 15. Go back to the tunnel at the Dock. Follow your map back under the Gift Shop. Now as fast as you can, get out the Cream Soda, shake it a little. Now put it under the Gift Shop.

Step 16. Quickly, now go back to the Town, as fast as you can. Take the balloon and put it on the top of the Gift Shop.

Step 17. As fast you can, put the net under the Gift Shop. Now take the nails and put them on the net. Now nail all four nails with your hammer.

Step 18. Go back to HQ and talk to G. Now go back to the Dock and into the Tunnel where the Gift Shop was.

Step 19. Now go into the new tunnel. To get the extra gift, take out your Spy Phone and use the Wrench on the bolt in the drill. Now put the gear in your inventory.

Step 20. Now go into the Boiler Room hole. Talk to Herbert. G will now call and tell you to fix the Boiler Room. Complete the pipe puzzle.

Step 21. First take the pipe parts and connect the top corner to the pipe all the way to the bottom corner. G will call again. Go to HQ.

Step 22. In HQ, turn to the map on the wall. Now talk to G to get the reward. G will give you a reward of a metal and the cool gift of an ice box. In the box is the ice gear from Mission 7. THAT’S IT! CONGRATULATIONS!

and rockhopper return!!!


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